Jag Films collaborates with a collection of independent television and new media crafts people to make distintive screen content. Producer Jennifer Gherardi supports the teams to make the very best programs!

We’€™re elastic and source the best creative teams to suit diverse media.

It’€™s a quality workplace about commitment, respect and fun.

Most people aspire move into to the wine industry to do the “€œwine thing”€ but I did it the other way around.  I still love wine but my real love is film and I’€™m hooked on the challenge.

After graduating with First Class Honours and the VC’s award for Academic Excellence at Murdoch

University, Jennifer directed and producerd two documentaries that were very “€œhands on”€. She then produced and mentored numerous Indigenous documentaries and shorts before taking up the challenges of Digital New Media production. After training and an internship at the BBC, London, her projects have twice been selected for the XMedia Lab.

These days I am enjoying being more “hands on” again with a range of programs in development, arts, historical, social, cultural and numerous media platform.

Jennifer Gherardi at CinefestOz Film Festival by Courtney McAllister